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This year I wanted to beat the pope and the Dutch King (Willem!), with some Christmas preaching. Unfortunately, I got up to late, and stuck into a suburb Christmas breakfast and they beat me to it (priorities, priorities!).

In any case, have a great Christmas friends, and all the best for 2017, you might think it looks grim, but all those specs of light you represent can shine any darkness away. High five, have fun reading (or not)

Some Christmas preaching (2016 edition): Past a binary world

Almost coming to the closing of interesting 2016, a year that many of us would agree upon could have been much better for many reasons. But let’s not forget, never forget, things only gain shape when you apply some sort of force. Negative things shape us as well as positive things. On a personal level as well as on a collective level. Agreed, the addition of negative aspects in our life can be questioned, but I know, keeping it close to myself, I wouldn’t be the person today without sjitty periods in my life, nor with the positive ones. We are a sum of it all. And if you are on your high, or on your low, it will pass, because time passes, it will alter you until you reach your endpoint, regardless if you exert control over it or not. Hardship is a key element when forming us into something potentially better than we were yesterday.

And that is exactly what makes the comprehension of today’s reality so difficult. Because as much as things go for us as individuals, they go for all fellow human beings, at least to some extent. The closer people are to us, the more visibly their cracks are, and more often can we bring ourselves to understand the ones closest to us. Increasingly difficult it becomes the further away people are from us, while they are people, with their inherent flaws, their intrinsic beauty. Yet, the ones far away are equally judged by us despite the detail we have about their person. In some cases, it’s a necessity, one cannot judge everybody with the same range of criteria, we all know we should, but for reasons, sometimes practical, sometimes out of sheer naivety we lack to do this, we lack the patience, we forget to breath before we speak.

Second comes the matter of temporality. As times moves, things change, so do we, once again as persons, and as a collective. Yet we tend to label someone as good or as bad, based on limited experiences. Change is something that is continues regardless of our current or past believes, and it happens on every level. That person that was a dipshit yesterday, could be your best friend tomorrow (or he could remain a dipshit)

I guess what I am trying to say is that the world is so much more than binary, it’s a complex blob flying through space at an incredible speed which spins around, and with that spin, everything on it changes. For some reason, we seem to have forgotten that. You are an asshole or a good guy, black or white, this or that, but we tend to forget that we are so much more and our shapes changes all the time. Look at yourself for a moment, look where you came from and look where you are now. Now imagine that a good fraction of the people has traveled a similar route. Does this not humble you, underlines the appreciation for how connected we all are? The distance we traveled despite of all the negativity you see around you.

The appreciation of the complexity of it all, is the start of trying to unravel it, to understand one another. Let’s do less yelling, let’s reach out our hands to fellow human beings and step forward into the darkness that scares us so that we might for as long as it will take, move into the light again.
Achievements are won, whenever the odds are not in your favour, for that, we need to leap forward, dare to take a gamble, realize that we can fail, but we will get up again, dare to keep on trying till we succeed, and this becomes so much easier if we can rely on each other. Instead of shooting fantasies down before they have any chance to crystalize, we should stimulate and inspire each other to reach for the unknown, to better ourselves. If we are always judged on our failings, we will never try, we will never leap, we will paralyze. We were meant to explore the unknown, to push each other forward. Isn’t there a serenity in the idea that if we actively care today, that on our days of unavoidable weakness someone will care for us? We are a resilient species, as individuals we shine when given the chance, when being in the right environment. It’s up to us to create such an environment in our respective bubbles.

Don’t feel paralyzed, dare to reach out to one another. Be courageous by lending a helping hand with the smallest acts of kindness. The greatest farce of our time is the belief that we cannot conduct change. That as an individual you cannot move worlds, that power lays with those above us, corporations, government. What we often forget is that these institutes constitute of humans as well. The prospect of change can never be demolished by the chance of failure. Starting to believe in yourself is the first step in believing in each other. Don’t wait for others, move, work hard, fall and get up. It’s an illusion that the world needs saving at best we need saving from ourselves. You don’t need to fly across the globe to help others, I promise you, you can contribute your 5 cents of factual positive contribution right around the corner of where you are living. In this case the mantra, “longing for big will make you forget the fundament it was built on”; those small acts of kindness, the ones that do not earn ‘likes’ persé. Let’s start inspiring by example.

We need to stop dealing in absolutes, other that we might share some common values, disturbing elements whatever side they come from should never elute that what binds the majority, that is what we should strive for, that is the essence of human kindness. That is what Christmas represents to me.
Warm Christmas wished from me.

It’s time to remember what Christmas is about; humanity and kindness

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It’s time to remember what Christmas is about; humanity and kindness
Walking around the incredible beautiful Champs-Élysées, I don’t think the beauty of Paris in these respect is every going to stop amazing me. It’s magical, especially in those lonesome hours. Incredible spirited buildings, expressing history by just being present. It’s partly amplified during Christmas time, light emitting warmth begging for kindness to one another.

The large Christmas market, with countless merchants trying to sell their products it being cheaply produced Christmas accessories produced in China, or the good foods fitting the season. The lights dressing the sides of the road sponsored by Ikea. Samsung making clear with sign that they took part in making this possible. And at least hundreds of people attracted by it, like mosquitos to a lamp. All under present under a false spirit of Christmas.

It’s a shrill contrast however if you move away from the dressed streets. Countless homeless people, not only the classical drunkards and misfits but also young family’s mom’s with children. So many of them, all too young, far away from home. Present in a society that does not want you to be there. Children do not belong on the street, certainly not in what we perceive to be a civilized society. They sleep under the garments of the designer shops, display windows all trying to convince you to buy needless expensive gifts for your loved ones.

The contrast hurts, it’s painful in regards to human essence, so painful we walk past it like it’s not there. They are allowed to sleep there after the shops close, when the streets grow empty, but have to leave before day breaks. We know they are there. But by not being openly confronted with them we can pretend that they are not real. Figments of our imagination, stories from the old books being displayed on the TV, far away from our safe homes.

I have come to a point where I have difficulties understanding us. It’s painful to enjoy this season and at the same time seeing this happening, what could be the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War 2. We have come so far as a species, but in a state of distress we seem so far away from what we could have been, when we are tested in our true resilience we always seem to be so successful in failing. So engulfed in our selfishness so eager to believe in our own lies and forced truths. We seem in a state of paralysis. We actually stopped believing we could change the state of our society. Have we lost confidence in ourselves, are we so lost?

I don’t think we are, we just stopped looking outside using our own eyes. Feeling with our own feelings, looking into our own hearths. We use the sketched impressions of populistic politicians to frame our reality. We allow ourselves to be fooled, to be engulfed in fear that will serve as the self-induced prison we life in.

I know this reads like the story of a disappointed idealist, a cynic, but it isn’t. I won’t deny anybody a fantastic holiday season; I share in it. I like Christmas, sharing meals, joy and happiness with friends and families, but let’s not forget the real thought behind it. But what about those that sleep under our windows? In all our humbleness surely we can do more than nothing?

Remember the Christmas story, the one from one of the holy books? That story about migrants in need, escaping the cold night. Let’s not be remembered as the people who closed the doors in time of need. Who denied a warm meal to those needy of it, indulging ourselves in greed. How will future generations look back at us? How will future you look back at this time, how your current character contributed with his or her passive attitude.
Let’s be realistic, honest, but most important of all let us be kind-hearted to one another, show signs of humanity. If we can’t do that, what does Christmas imply, what does it stand for, what do we stand for? It will be nothing other than a hollow cold shell, its spirit left. Bring the essence into Christmas, the essence into being human, what could distinguish us from the more primal us.

Together we can achieve greatness. Alone we are just that; alone. Do not look away, look at it, do not ignore reality. Induce change with the smallest acts of kindness.

I wish you all a great sincere holiday season and all the best for the new year.

Vrijdag, Bierrrr, moraal en drama!

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Lange dag, lange week, lange maand, lang jaar. Het weekend probeer ik altijd zoveel mogelijk vrij te houden voor leuke dingen, dat wil niet altijd lukken. Soms moet je toch nog een paar uurtjes het lab in, op zaterdag en zondag. Dat vind ik niet zo erg, als sommigen vinden, dat ik dat zou moeten vinden.

Een van de weinige gegarandeerde vrije momenten, voor mij een heilig, vaak rustig of keihard bierdrink moment, zijn de uurtjes die zich spannen tussen vrijdag na het werk en het moment dat ik zaterdag weer op moet staan. Dat laatste kader stel ik meestal niet voor 10 uur diezelfde morgen.

Op moment van schrijven bevind ik me in zo een moment. Ik zet het puntje achter de laatste zin uit het labjournaal. Pak mijn tas, trek mijn jas aan (het is nog fris buiten!), zet de Milestone in music mode, doe het licht uit en sluit de deur achter me. Ah! Vrijheid! Op weg naar huis maak ik een stop bij de Appieheijn, een moment waar we vandaag even met z’n allen stil bij gaan staan.

Want, het is vrijdag, dat betekent dat ik even wat biertjes ga halen om de voorraad aan te vullen. Biertjes geschikt voor consumptie op het balkon tevens wat ‘gezond’ voedsel voor bij het schrijven annex tv kijken. Met een grote smile wandel ik de AH vestiging aan het Eudokiaplein binnen. Elke keer verbaas ik me weer over het verschil met de enige Appie in Wageningen, vooral niet pronken met biologisch en al het goedkope ondefinieerbare half om half om kwart vlees prominent in het zicht.

In mijn hoofd schets ik even snel een boodschappen lijstje wat ongetwijfeld niet meer zal corresponderen met de inhoud van mijn mandje wanneer ik bij de kassa ben aangekomen. In vogelvlucht reis ik de appie door, stufi staat op de rekening dus vooral kopen wat lekker en enigzins verantwoord geproduceerd is. Hup afrekenen, even speuren naar de kassa met de minst verwachte wachttijd. Kassa 5! Geen oude mevrouwtjes in de rij, vlotte kassa dame, kan weinig verkeerd gaan. Een veronderstelling die volkomen juist bleek te zijn. Ik bleek niet de enige te zijn met dit voortschrijdend inzicht. Een wat eruit zag als een 8 jarig meisje, besloot aan te sluiten bij rij 6. Ze zag eruit alsof ze in opdracht van moeders boodschappen moest doen, naja een boodschap, want het enige dat ze op de band legde was een vers stokbroodje. Snel dat stokbroodje afleveren en dan weer buitenspelen moet ze gedacht hebben. Een gedachte waarin ik me helemaal zou kunnen vinden toen ik nog 8 was.

Nou niet dus, want pardoes, uit het niets sprong een verschrompelde vrouw zo voor het meisje! Mevrouw, type; ‘plamuur zal de rimpels nooit doen verdwijnen maar ik blijf volhouden door heel elitair over te komen’, begon haar boodschapjes zo voor het stokbroodje van het meisje te leggen. Als observant van dit geheel, staarde ik lichtelijk verbaasd mevrouw aan. Wellicht een tante/oma/moeder van het meisje? Helaas bleek dit niet het geval toen de een ‘volgende klant aub’ bordje tussen haar booschappen en dat van het meisje plaatste. De verschillen in huidskleur tussen beide dames gaven ook hun bescheide hints. Maar in moderne tijden kan alles, en ik wil niet te snel oordelen. Want zo ben ik.

Nog steeds stomgeslagen door deze bruute actie, vergeet ik, dat ik doordringend aan het staren ben naar het afspelende tafereel. Mevrouw heeft het ook in de gaten, net als het meisje. Beide kijken ze me aan, in beide blikken een andere boodschap verborgen. Mevrouw kijkt me aan, een kille , ‘ik weet dat ik fout zit, maar omdat ik weinig geweten heb en waarschijnlijk een hele rijke, onderdanige man bezit kan ik niet fout zitten’ blik. Het meisje kijkt me ook aan, wist niet precies wat ze wou zeggen maar de vochtige, grote ogen zeiden genoeg.

Guttergut, ik heb er altijd een hekel aan om mijn mond open te trekken, want misinterpretatie van mijn heldere verbale boodschappen ligt altijd op de loer. Bovendien is het fucking vrijdag, is de practische output van mijn experimenten nihiel geweest deze week en heb ik trek in bierrrr. Op voor anderen hoorbare toon, besluit ik het meisje aan te spreken.

‘Zeg meisje, wat mevrouw deed was niet heel aardig. Sterker nog het was onfatsoenlijk’. Vol onbegrip word ik aangestaard door het meisje. Vol woede word ik aangekeken door mevrouw, niet erg, mijn bakkes draait op andermans frustratie. Ik besef dat mijn vinger wijst in de richting van mevrouw, ooo, wat goed van mijn onderbewustzijn, proost! Ik vervolg mijn wijze les ‘Mevrouw is waarschijnlijk heel belangrijk, en daarom mag ze voordringen bij de kassa, vooral als kleine meisjes voor haar staan. Maar weet je wat, aangezien de mensen in mijn rij niet zo belangrijk zijn mag je wel even voor mij komen staan’.

Gegniffel, geforceerde desinteresse en onverschilligheid, ik was niet de enige die dit zag gebeuren.

Ik resumeer mijn reis naar huis, trek een koude Hertog Jan uit de koelkast en tik dit verhaal in word 2007.

Tevens het vermelden waard: Vandaag mijn 1ste beschikking van het Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau binnen gekregen. Na correctie blijkt dat ik 4km te hard heb gereden op de A10 ergens in maart. Kosten 23 euro. Ik weet dat er nog een loeier aankomt van 160 (excl. 6 euro administratie kosten) euro voor een ander misdrijf wat ik volkomen onbewust heb gepleegt, verkeerd voorsorten. Ik vergeet vaak dat ik gewoon een die-hard verkeersregel overtreder ben.
Steeds vaker reiken mijn gedachtes naar landen waar ik eerder ben geweest maar niet dit land zijn.

An evening without sleep, and still dreaming about stars. en

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A brief post! About? Well tv series, next to working a lot I like watching tv shows. Everything, except all the chick flick shows. Some of my male friends do watch those, ('still respect you guys! Really!'). I have a special preference for science fiction. Especially quality SF in space! And ladies and gentlemen that is the big issue of today’s post.

Let me start from the beginning. Last evening was one without sleep. Regarding yours truly that is usually the result of deadlines which are approaching at high speed. And of course, they don’t come unannounced. Deadlines which are razor sharp but I obviously postponed and refused to acknowledge till they are banging on the door. Banging like Jack Bauer who really wants to know where you hid the bomb and what you are doing to his hot daughter in his bed. At that moment you know that you should run, run, really hard and never look back finish your shait or sjit is going to hit the fan, including you.

Anywho, I always face these evenings with at least one glass of whisky and good music. From that point on, the evening usually exists of two modes, finishing work to meet the deadline and drifting away on a cloud of vibes which is leaving my speakers. A lot of Jazz and blues this evening. But this one particular song always brings back good memories. Not the memories of the many evening with one of my hot female catches, but the evenings when I watched this awesome sf-show: Serenity.

I guess some of you guys (and maybe some girls) know the intro song. Only lasting 52 seconds, enough to have some effect on me.

The song has been written by Joss Whedon (the same guy who wrote and directed Firefly) but is performed by blues legend Sonny Rhodes.

Firefly consisted of 14 episodes and one movie. Each one of them a piece of art in itself. The main reason for that is because it all felt realistic. No sound in space, everybody talking mandarin, Chinese, good Music, funny and serious! Not to many fancy space ships and no sterile future!

I mean Star Trek (especially DS9) was awesome but common, things were to clean. Nobody pisses in the corner of Quarks pub after a evening of bloodwine or pukes all over the bar? Wzzup with that? Serenity came quite close to my imagination of what human kind will have accomplished in the far Future.

A lot of people only saw the movie, and that's a shame, first watch all the 14 episodes and after that, the movie.
Those who've never seen them all don't like it. Those who've seen them all love them with a passion. Those who love them all with a passion can't stop wanting more. A fan- on Youtube
It's a shame they cancelled the show, and I know there are a lot of fans out of there who would like the show to return, but ain't gonna happen. There are no good science fiction shows out there at this moment.

I mean I obviously started with Star Trek when I was a young kid, and I ended with Serenity. But after serenity there was nothing spectacular like that anymore. They put the threshold up way high. But you know, maybe I'm just missing the good shows, I mean there are a lot of them out ‘a there.

For the people who still buy stuff on optical media (like me :P) You can buy the DVD set of the show for around 15 euro's @ The BR-editions will be released in the near future as well.

Ow, and if I still did not convince you to watch the show, Morena Baccarin, is a hot chick.