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By MaDLiVe on Sunday 25 December 2016 10:50 - Comments (4)
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This year I wanted to beat the pope and the Dutch King (Willem!), with some Christmas preaching. Unfortunately, I got up to late, and stuck into a suburb Christmas breakfast and they beat me to it (priorities, priorities!).

In any case, have a great Christmas friends, and all the best for 2017, you might think it looks grim, but all those specs of light you represent can shine any darkness away. High five, have fun reading (or not)

Some Christmas preaching (2016 edition): Past a binary world

Almost coming to the closing of interesting 2016, a year that many of us would agree upon could have been much better for many reasons. But let’s not forget, never forget, things only gain shape when you apply some sort of force. Negative things shape us as well as positive things. On a personal level as well as on a collective level. Agreed, the addition of negative aspects in our life can be questioned, but I know, keeping it close to myself, I wouldn’t be the person today without sjitty periods in my life, nor with the positive ones. We are a sum of it all. And if you are on your high, or on your low, it will pass, because time passes, it will alter you until you reach your endpoint, regardless if you exert control over it or not. Hardship is a key element when forming us into something potentially better than we were yesterday.

And that is exactly what makes the comprehension of today’s reality so difficult. Because as much as things go for us as individuals, they go for all fellow human beings, at least to some extent. The closer people are to us, the more visibly their cracks are, and more often can we bring ourselves to understand the ones closest to us. Increasingly difficult it becomes the further away people are from us, while they are people, with their inherent flaws, their intrinsic beauty. Yet, the ones far away are equally judged by us despite the detail we have about their person. In some cases, it’s a necessity, one cannot judge everybody with the same range of criteria, we all know we should, but for reasons, sometimes practical, sometimes out of sheer naivety we lack to do this, we lack the patience, we forget to breath before we speak.

Second comes the matter of temporality. As times moves, things change, so do we, once again as persons, and as a collective. Yet we tend to label someone as good or as bad, based on limited experiences. Change is something that is continues regardless of our current or past believes, and it happens on every level. That person that was a dipshit yesterday, could be your best friend tomorrow (or he could remain a dipshit)

I guess what I am trying to say is that the world is so much more than binary, it’s a complex blob flying through space at an incredible speed which spins around, and with that spin, everything on it changes. For some reason, we seem to have forgotten that. You are an asshole or a good guy, black or white, this or that, but we tend to forget that we are so much more and our shapes changes all the time. Look at yourself for a moment, look where you came from and look where you are now. Now imagine that a good fraction of the people has traveled a similar route. Does this not humble you, underlines the appreciation for how connected we all are? The distance we traveled despite of all the negativity you see around you.

The appreciation of the complexity of it all, is the start of trying to unravel it, to understand one another. Let’s do less yelling, let’s reach out our hands to fellow human beings and step forward into the darkness that scares us so that we might for as long as it will take, move into the light again.
Achievements are won, whenever the odds are not in your favour, for that, we need to leap forward, dare to take a gamble, realize that we can fail, but we will get up again, dare to keep on trying till we succeed, and this becomes so much easier if we can rely on each other. Instead of shooting fantasies down before they have any chance to crystalize, we should stimulate and inspire each other to reach for the unknown, to better ourselves. If we are always judged on our failings, we will never try, we will never leap, we will paralyze. We were meant to explore the unknown, to push each other forward. Isn’t there a serenity in the idea that if we actively care today, that on our days of unavoidable weakness someone will care for us? We are a resilient species, as individuals we shine when given the chance, when being in the right environment. It’s up to us to create such an environment in our respective bubbles.

Don’t feel paralyzed, dare to reach out to one another. Be courageous by lending a helping hand with the smallest acts of kindness. The greatest farce of our time is the belief that we cannot conduct change. That as an individual you cannot move worlds, that power lays with those above us, corporations, government. What we often forget is that these institutes constitute of humans as well. The prospect of change can never be demolished by the chance of failure. Starting to believe in yourself is the first step in believing in each other. Don’t wait for others, move, work hard, fall and get up. It’s an illusion that the world needs saving at best we need saving from ourselves. You don’t need to fly across the globe to help others, I promise you, you can contribute your 5 cents of factual positive contribution right around the corner of where you are living. In this case the mantra, “longing for big will make you forget the fundament it was built on”; those small acts of kindness, the ones that do not earn ‘likes’ persé. Let’s start inspiring by example.

We need to stop dealing in absolutes, other that we might share some common values, disturbing elements whatever side they come from should never elute that what binds the majority, that is what we should strive for, that is the essence of human kindness. That is what Christmas represents to me.
Warm Christmas wished from me.