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By MaDLiVe on Sunday 20 September 2009 13:01 - Comments (12)
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A brief post! About? Well tv series, next to working a lot I like watching tv shows. Everything, except all the chick flick shows. Some of my male friends do watch those, ('still respect you guys! Really!'). I have a special preference for science fiction. Especially quality SF in space! And ladies and gentlemen that is the big issue of today’s post.

Let me start from the beginning. Last evening was one without sleep. Regarding yours truly that is usually the result of deadlines which are approaching at high speed. And of course, they don’t come unannounced. Deadlines which are razor sharp but I obviously postponed and refused to acknowledge till they are banging on the door. Banging like Jack Bauer who really wants to know where you hid the bomb and what you are doing to his hot daughter in his bed. At that moment you know that you should run, run, really hard and never look back finish your shait or sjit is going to hit the fan, including you.

Anywho, I always face these evenings with at least one glass of whisky and good music. From that point on, the evening usually exists of two modes, finishing work to meet the deadline and drifting away on a cloud of vibes which is leaving my speakers. A lot of Jazz and blues this evening. But this one particular song always brings back good memories. Not the memories of the many evening with one of my hot female catches, but the evenings when I watched this awesome sf-show: Serenity.

I guess some of you guys (and maybe some girls) know the intro song. Only lasting 52 seconds, enough to have some effect on me.

The song has been written by Joss Whedon (the same guy who wrote and directed Firefly) but is performed by blues legend Sonny Rhodes.

Firefly consisted of 14 episodes and one movie. Each one of them a piece of art in itself. The main reason for that is because it all felt realistic. No sound in space, everybody talking mandarin, Chinese, good Music, funny and serious! Not to many fancy space ships and no sterile future!

I mean Star Trek (especially DS9) was awesome but common, things were to clean. Nobody pisses in the corner of Quarks pub after a evening of bloodwine or pukes all over the bar? Wzzup with that? Serenity came quite close to my imagination of what human kind will have accomplished in the far Future.

A lot of people only saw the movie, and that's a shame, first watch all the 14 episodes and after that, the movie.
Those who've never seen them all don't like it. Those who've seen them all love them with a passion. Those who love them all with a passion can't stop wanting more. A fan- on Youtube
It's a shame they cancelled the show, and I know there are a lot of fans out of there who would like the show to return, but ain't gonna happen. There are no good science fiction shows out there at this moment.

I mean I obviously started with Star Trek when I was a young kid, and I ended with Serenity. But after serenity there was nothing spectacular like that anymore. They put the threshold up way high. But you know, maybe I'm just missing the good shows, I mean there are a lot of them out ‘a there.

For the people who still buy stuff on optical media (like me :P) You can buy the DVD set of the show for around 15 euro's @ The BR-editions will be released in the near future as well.

Ow, and if I still did not convince you to watch the show, Morena Baccarin, is a hot chick.