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By MaDLiVe on Thursday 2 October 2008 14:11 - Comments (9)
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Well , well, today I am leaving for warm Tanzania. A long travel awaits but the first part is done, getting in to the airport (Amsterdam). No long goodbye's just a tremendous lack of sleep and the prospect that my hand baggage is too big, heavy and waiting to be bounced of the airplane. If so I will leave some sweaters and books behind.

You know the weather prospects for the Netherlands? I do, and you know what, HAHA!

As a good nerd should, I am sitting in the KPN lounge surfing the web, at the same time I found this a nice occasion to update this site. Coffee, is getting cold, just the way I like it.

So yesterday I started packing, as it seems I started way to late, what else is new right. I finished packing at 0330, Fortunately I was able to sleep till 1000 in the morning, leaving my parents in the mess, consisting of clothes, aftershave, books and rushing ourselves to the airport where we arrived way to early (that's why I am typing this sjizzle. Sorry mum! Ask Dimi to clean ;)

40% of my primary luggage consists of DNA extraction material and PCR tubes + enzymes. Reason enough to get myself an extra handbag. I never had to leave behind so much clothes, books and articles but I figured out that you can by clothes in Tanzania (no sjit sherlock). The articles are stored in a digital format, and I have 3 backups. I forgot to tell you guys, that 2 days ago I almost lost my whole collection of articles which I collected over a year. Fortunately I got them back, without the filenames but, at least they are back (hail to recovery fix!). That was a much for much stress I must admit.

Hans, my supervisor, called yesterday with a request to get some extra material from the lab in Nijmegen, but unfortunately I already was in Amsterdam, well if I wasn't I had to mention that my bag was already locked and loaded.
The thing I hope for is that the airport dudes in London will spare me...I hate extended searches for crap, and I don't look forward to explaining why I have all this stuff in my luggage. On Monday, the secretary from the chair group and I made up a 'formal' letter. Signing it with the digital autographs from 2 professors and filling it up with impressive stamps. Hope that it is impressive enough. But apparently my color gives reason extra caution, that’s just the way it is. I tried to paint myself white, but it didn't work out, bummer! As emergency measure I shaved (and yeah that was needed), and put a lot of gel in my hair, now looking like the black brother of Wolverine. Damn, I look sexy....

So what is the plan for today/tomorrow. In less then a hour I will fly to London. Four hours later I will fly to Dar Es Salaam. I will arrive there in the morning, still leaving open, the option to spend one day in Dar Es Salaam, and recharge my battery, or just making the trip (if the bus schedules allow it) to Tanga in one drive.

Haven't decided what to do in the plane, reading a book, sleep all the way.

I hope the person sitting next to me is a really hot girl. Don't know when I will come online again, might be in a few hours, or not.

Cheers mates,

Ps. A really hot girl just passed by.

[1636, Londen]
Pps. Ow my god, Free internet in a lounge. How cool. That is what makes the Netherlands sucky sometimes, you have to pay (a not moderate amount) for every, what in my opinion, should be free services. At Schiphol they charged me 12 euro's for 90 minutes ;) Well it allowed me to do some overdue work.

Ppps. No hot chick accompanying me during my flight towards London, just a guy who really liked talking, about his life. Almost missed my flight, note to self: Departure time isn't the same as boarding time...

Pppps, No anal cavity search yet, thumbs up! :D

Pppps. The burger which I am consuming now, is like totally awesome and the waitress is hot, in a cute kind of way. No Irish, red, ordered one, got a Stout….first time for everything

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By Tweakers user DefLite, Thursday 2 October 2008 14:16

"Ps. A really hot girl just passed by."
screenshot/photo or it didn't happen ;)

By Tweakers user Simon Verhoeven, Thursday 2 October 2008 14:48

The change that you sit next to an ugly woman is far larger ;)
Well as long as they don't smell it probably won't be to bad.

By Tweakers user El Psycho, Thursday 2 October 2008 18:24

Of course they won't give you Irish Red. Murphy's Irish Red is something Heineken came up with to export as they thought non-Irish wouldn't be too happy with the stout.

By Tweakers user MaDLiVe, Thursday 2 October 2008 18:41

And they were right...know quite some Irish, who like the red... ;)

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By Tweakers user Jywansa, Friday 3 October 2008 08:27

So, did you survive Dar es Salaam? :D

By Tweakers user Motrax, Friday 3 October 2008 11:28

Pps. Ow my god, Free internet in a lounge. How cool. That is what makes the Netherlands sucky sometimes, you have to pay (a not moderate amount) for every, what in my opinion, should be free services. At Schiphol they charged me 12 euro's for 90 minutes
Guess what. T1 on Heathrow is also paid internet. T3 & T5 as far as I know the same.

I do not know if mean by lounge an aircarrier lounge, or just the waiting hall of the terminal. If it is the lounge the free internet is probably provided as a courtesy. The normal travellers have to pay.

The chance that you have a hot chick sitting in the seat next to you is as slim as surviving two train accidents at the same time.

The chance that have a big stinking 'lady' that bulges on all sides over her seat and should have bought two tickets for one person, is the same chance as getting stuck in a traffic jam during rush hour around Amsterdam.

Good luck!

By Eejmans, Saturday 4 October 2008 22:41

Hehe... nice indeed that you are doing this blog. Guess your next post will take some time to hit the electronic highway. So what's your first impression of Tania? And no problems with your luggage (or looks ;-)?) in London and/or Dar Es Salaam?

Anyway, good luck!

By gisela, Monday 6 October 2008 09:51

he dude!
hoe bevalt t daar? tot nu toe alles volgens plan?je hebt vast al bijzondere dingen meegemaakt, dus kom maar door met je volgende update :)
ciao! gisela

By juud, Monday 6 October 2008 23:20


Dude, you're always hot, even when you don't shave (hubba, hubba)! I hope you had this much fun on the plane and actually survived Dar and probably the most hell of a lifetime trip to Tanga? One tip, do not sit totally in the back of the bus! Unless of course there is a truly hot girl next to you... Waiting for a new post and your first experiences. Good, good luck!
Kussen Juud

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